• Image of Spot Color Poster Commish

Full background on your favorite character not enough?

Ever look at typical commissions and think “Wow, I REALLY wish this looked like it came straight off the merch booth at a punk show? I REALLY WISH this, my commission of my favorite character actually had some other characters or backgrounds included? I WISH this commission had some punk as fuck sequential storytelling?”

Hell yeah, I got you. That’s why I’m offering to make you your very own 3 slot punk poster design. Featuring a main character of your choosing + elements or other characters from their story. You get tone! You get spot color! And why wouldn’t you? You're paying early and you're getting more. Choose between NEON PINK, ORANGE, and NEON GREEN.

Please give me three characters to choose from - YES! They can be your own. YES! They can be someone else’s. YES! I’ll draw you an original werewolf or Nosferatu if you’d rather.

Ink + Neon Pink/Green/Yellow + tone on 9x12 paper.