Is it a skeleton?! A demon?! A GHOST?! Who the hell knows!

No matter what's haunting you, I can draw it. And I will. You can choose between a skeleton, a demon, or a ghost and I'll deliver a unique version of what you've chosen. You won't know what it'll look like until it gets there - but hey, at least then you'll have a face and a name to put with what haunts you.

At minimum you'll be getting a 5x5 black, white, and tone drawing of a skeleton, demon or ghost. Maybe you'll get spot color, maybe what haunts you is bigger. Maybe you choose to pay me an extra $20 and get haunted by a second figure in your drawing. It's all up to you.

If you are ordering a piece for pickup at ECCC or C2E2 - you can find me at:


C2E2: AA - U6

If you need your item shipped, please add "SHIPPING" to your cart along with the piece you are purchasing.